David Sturm, a Baltimore native, was a retired newspaper reporter who resided in Silver Spring, Maryland. He attended the University of Maryland and graduated from Towson University with an English degree. From 1976 to 1996, Mr. Sturm worked as a reporter and editor for the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal in Lancaster, PA. There, he covered the Three Mile Island nuclear accident among many other news events. He worked at the Prague Post, Czech Republic, and at Baltimore Sun weeklies in the Baltimore suburbs. Mr. Sturm retired in 2016. He is the author of three movie screenplays, and the novel WELCOME TO BREEZEWOOD (published in June 2019 by DPP). Mr. Sturm’s short story, “Don’t Be a Bitch,” was published posthumously in the DPP anthology, WHAT SORT OF FUCKERY IS THIS? Mr. Sturm died on July 3, 2019.