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Life only lends us to each other. I know that. I always knew that. 
Alone tonight, in our house without you here, I know now, too, 
the loan is too brief, it isn’t fair. All the smiles we’ve shared, 
the fights we won, all our nights of love, our life of being held, 

it isn’t enough, it isn’t enough. Tomorrow, I will bring you home. 
You will walk up to our door. I’ll smile. We’ll make our meals. 
You’ll tend your golden bees. You’ll make the cold earth bloom. 
Our house will shine in sunlight and our world will all be well.

But tonight I hear the silent click of time’s tiny gear. 
Now, that sound from this endless night will always catch my ear. 
My gaze will dart to you, anxiously seek you, always still here, 
until that dark night clicks when you’re no longer there.

Tomorrow, I will meet your smile. We’ll live our days left under sun. 
I dry my face. I love you more than life, until our life is done.