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Possibly the best $50 you will ever spend.

You’ve identified the college of your dreams and are ready to apply. Submitting a top-quality application essay can help ensure your acceptance, but does the essay you’ve written have what it takes?

DPP’s publisher, Dianne Pearce, MFA, MA, has helped hundreds of students deliver top-notch essays. Although no one can guarantee that an application essay alone will ensure college admission, I can promise to utilize my professional editorial skills and 20+ years of experience in essay writing to improve the quality of your submission.

Delivery time: Usually 24 hours, but you will receive an email with the projected delivery date for your consent prior to start of editing.
Cost: $50.


Do you: Complete
Do you: Contribute
Do you: Impact
Are you prepared to: Be changed

Colleges want to know that you will be a person who is able to complete your classes and your degree (you’d be surprised how many do not do that!), that you will contribute to your college community with positivity and passion, that you will make a positive impact with your future career, and that the college you have chosen is key to helping you achieve those goals. They want to matter to you as you matter to them.


No matter what the topic is, how can you answer the essay question in a way that shows that you have curiosity and like learning, that you have had diverse experiences, that you have contributed in your community, that you have a drive to succeed, and that you take initiative whenever you are able? You do not have to showcase all of those characteristics, but even one can really help your application stand out. Let’s work together and show how your history, who you are, your talents/passions, obstacles you have overcome, or what you’re interested in has shaped the wonderful person you are today.

The common error students make in the college application essay is to write about an experience they have had, and not about how that experience affected them. The college is supremely interested in you, and that may include your experiences, but they want to know the “who” you are, deep down inside. Colleges are looking to find students of untapped potential. They want to be the experience that helps you bring your best self to the world. How can you show them you have more than they see on your transcript?

Together we can write your meaningful story, and let your light shine.


You are five easy steps away from a professionally edited college application essay:

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DISCLAIMER: By clicking SUBMIT I understand that if I should request an editorial review of my essay by Devil’s Party Press, LLC (DPP), my association with DPP will be a single work-for-hire transaction in which my college application essay (hereafter, “the artifact”) will be edited by DPP. I further understand that DPP’s edited version of the artifact does not guarantee my entrance into any college to which I submit the artifact. I agree to hold harmless DPP and will not indemnify DPP or its staff in any way as related to this agreement. This is a request for a work-for-hire, and as long as the work is completed by the agree-upon time, I certify that I understand that no refunds will be given. I may make payment through PayPal, or Zelle, and the terms will still apply, regardless of payment method.