CHRISTMAS FLIGHT ~ Jane Fitzgerald

It was Christmas Eve
The halls were decked
with shadows of sadness
My mother lay faraway
Dying in a room close by
Oblivious of our glorious tree 
I longed for her presence 
Her absence would be like 
The Holiday without hope
I needed to include her one 
last time in family festivities
My love was expressed by
placing a soft pink sweater 
in a colorful bag picturing 
Santa’s sled flying to the stars
Gifts were joyfully being shared
When she miraculously left her bed
It was like a sunrise at midnight
Briefly, her old self materialized 
Happy with her gift which she 
wore until four days later when  
She flew far away just like Santa 
I imagine her as a glowing pink Spirit
Swirling high overhead showering 
Gifts of loving strength upon us all