Agent Query Letter Review

Rejection sucks.

In many regards, your agent query letter is more important than your actual manuscript. Why? Busy literary agents have precious little time. They read constantly to keep up with popular trends and genres. They also edit the manuscripts of their clients to help make those works sellable to the publishers upon whom their livelihood depends.

If you query agents and include your first 20 pages, those pages will never be read if your query letter does not blow them away.

You’ve invested hundreds (perhaps thousands) of hours crafting your work. Don’t let a subpar query letter hinder your chances of agency representation


Why work with us?

  1. Over the years, we’ve read and reviewed hundreds of query letters.
  2. We understand the elements necessary to catch the eye of a literary agent and will provide you with suggestions and edits that, in our experience, can increase the likelihood of doing the same.
  3. Unlike literary agents who are legally prevented from providing you feedback about your query, as editors, we can and will deliver candid feedback and recommendations to you.
  4. Our turnaround time is fast. We will typically complete the review within 48-72 hours.
  5. We’re inexpensive and pro-author. Our review fee is $50, regardless if we invest 2 hours or 20 hours on your letter.


  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Be sure to paste your entire agent query letter into the box where indicated. Your agent query letter must include these 3 elements:

    • A hook (a single sentence description of what your book is about).
    • A short paragraph (4 or 5 sentences) that provides more detail about the story.
    • Some brief information about you, the author.
  3. You will be sent an invoice via email in the amount of $50, payable via PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, or Zelle. In order to hold your place, payment must be provided within 24 hours upon receipt of invoice.
  4. We will review and edit your agent query letter and return the completed work via email as a Microsoft Word attachment. If you prefer an alternate file format, please indicate this in the additional comments box below.
  5. You will have an opportunity to request 1 round of revisions. This request must be received within 24 hours. The revised file will be sent to you via email shortly thereafter, usually within 24 hours.


DISCLAIMER: By clicking SUBMIT I understand that if I should request an editorial review of my synopsis and/or query letter by Devil’s Party Press, LLC (DPP), my association with DPP will be a single work-for-hire transaction in which my synopsis and/or query letter (hereafter, “the artifact”) will be reviewed and edited by DPP. I further understand that DPP’s edited version of the artifact does not guarantee my work will be accepted for publication by any publishing entity. I agree to hold harmless DPP and will not indemnify DPP or its staff in any way as related to this agreement. This is a request for a work-for-hire, and as long as the work is completed by the agree-upon time, I certify that I understand that no refunds will be given. I may make payment through PayPal, Zelle, Cash App, or Venmo, and the terms will still apply, regardless of payment method.

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