Before founding DPP as its publisher and editor, Dianne Pearce established The Milton Workshop in 2015. It happened that the workshop, luckily, attracted very talented writers, who all happened to be over the age of 40. Pearce realized, after much frustration among the group, that something should be done to help mature authors get a leg-up in publishing, and the idea for DPP was born. The Milton Workshop is still going strong, though Pearce has since moved and is unable to attend. 
A graduate of both the West Chester University and Vermont College writing programs, Pearce has taught writing of all kinds in DE, CA, PA, and MD. Pearce has edited, for friends and as a work for hire, many books that have gone on to finally reach publication. She has also done both writing and advocacy for causes close to her heart, among them adoption and animals. She considers herself a card-carrying feminist and PFLAG.


David Yurkovich is DPP’s associate editor and designer. A former Delaware Division of the Arts literature fellow, Yurkovich began writing in 1992 and has worked as a full-time editor for more than twenty years. He has authored two prose novels and written and illustrated numerous graphic novels including ALTERCATIONS and the critically acclaimed LESS THAN HEROES.