Hi! Remember that great idea we had where we (D&D) were going to move so that our daughter could go to a great school?

It’s still in progress. As with many great ideas, it is requiring upheaval and patience and a good deal of frustration.

We are attempting to either buy or rent a living space in one of the hottest RE markets in the country. People are over-bidding on both buyable and rentable living space, and it’s not easy to be the winner in those contests.

In the meantime, we are smooshed together, three people, two Guinea pigs, two cats, and one dog, into about 250 feet of space. We are also subject to the vagaries of “hotel” wifi, and trying to work our regular jobs, through which we pay for the whole DPP operation.

What this means if you are an author who has submitted something, anything, to us: We need more time.

We got good news just this week: it seems our long nightmare of homelessness will end late-June, and we hope to be back running again by July 1.

Currently, July 1 is our date for the first 2022 issue of Instant Noodles, so those of you who have been accepted, we need to ask you to hang-in there with us.

Those of you who may be working with us on a full-length work, or hoping to hear about a submission to a printed anthology, you will not hear from us until late June/early July at best.

Those of you wanting to submit to a future anthology or a later issue of Instant Noodles, we will not be taking submissions until we have desks…. literally, so July at the earliest, as we take care of the current submitters first.

We understand it is very hard to wait. And we are so sorry for the waiting.

If you are unwilling or unable to wait, we completely understand. We will be sorry to lose you, but we get it. And we apologize for any inconvenience.

Honestly, we did not truly understand how “out of our control” housing would be.

And, we still feel we have made the right choice for our family. For example: we recently escaped this nasty extended stay for a few hours wandering around the local mall where for every 30 Asian people we saw, there was one white person. After years of our daughter being the only Asian person anywhere (and schools and organizations being fine with events like Chinese auctions: good grief!), this was a welcome sight for all of us. In our daily lives (when we are not in this run-down hovel trying to get on WIFI) we are surrounded by a rainbow of people, and that is just better for who we all are in this family (not only our daughter).

Writing is a pursuit that is often lonely, and the pay-off feels as if it comes when someone publishes you, and your friends get to see it. We’re sorry to stretch that out.

If you have had enough waiting for us, we understand.

Our requests:

#1. Please don’t send emails now. We can hardly get online. This will only add to our backlog.

#2. IF you are withdrawing your piece, please don’t send emails now. We can hardly get online. This will only add to our backlog. when we are working on the publication we will check in, and you can tell us then. IN THE MEANTIME: feel free to send it or publish it elsewhere. Our contracts are at-will for you, and us. We will not be offended, and we will not refuse to publish you ever again, or anything like that.

#3. IF you want to wait for us… that is great! Please don’t email and tell us that now. We can hardly get online. This will only add to our backlog. We appreciate you, and we will be in touch ASAP, hopefully sometime around the 3rd week of June. We have a goal of Instant Noodles publication by 7/1/2022.

#4. Sometimes life is messy. We appreciate whatever grace you can spare for us as we navigate our resettle in our new place.

Many thanks to all the wonderful contributors to all of our publications. We love helping you with your writing career: it brings us joy. We miss doing it a lot, and we hope to be back to doing it soon.

Much love~