• Gallery of book covers from the listed authors

What do those authors have in common? They all published a piece in one of our anthologies, and we went on to publish their full-length book.

AND every single one of them earned at least one award for their full-length book.

Bernie Brown, R. David Fulcher, William Crandell, Virgina Watts, Anthony Doyle, Stan Charnofsky, Jeffrey Keeten, and James Goodridge, what do they have in common? They are all publishing a full-length book with us in 2021, 2022, or 2023, and they currently appear in one of our anthologies, such as:

  • photos of anthologies in which the aforementioned authors appear

We’ve made some changes over the last year or so. We now have imprints, and we specialize a bit more than we used to, but our mission is the same:

We want to find and publish good writers, in the second half of life, who the big guys have ignored.

If you’ve published with us, and you have a full-length manuscript, we may be the publisher you’re looking for. Check out the kinds of things we’re publishing, and send us a query, if we have already published you. At Out of This World Press we’re looking for sci fi and speculative fiction, think Amazing Stories, Judd, Symak, Bradbury. At Hawkshaw Press we’re looking for detective fiction, primarily in a series, of the hardboiled or Miss Marple type. At Gravelight Press we’re looking for horror, and we’re fans of Seltzer, Benchley, Levin, King, and Blatty. At Devil’s Party Press we’re looking for short story collections that do not fall under horror, mystery, or sci fi, but do have an off-beat ring to them, or full-length literary fiction that does the same, think T.C. Boyle or Tom Robbins. If we have not already published you, check the submissions page for each imprint because the calls are not always open (it takes some time to read all the submissions that come in). And, let me just add this: we’re a small crew, and reading submissions is a lot of work. Look at the latest cover of Instant Noodles. There is a giant cup of soup imbedded in the beach as the cover. This should tell potential authors something about our style.

If you want to publish with us, you may want to start by publishing with one of our anthologies or the lit mag., Instant Noodles. It’s always good, in sales, to give someone a taste. And, now, our print anthologies come with a payment too.

We love reading.

And we love our authors because of the great pieces they give us to read.

Thank you, authors, and we hope you’ll continue to watch our blog for new books and new opportunities.

As much as we love authors, we love readers even more.

Our readers help us keep doing what we love to do here at DPP, publishing great and undiscovered writers.

Thank you for being a DPP reader, for each and any book you read, and for every time you’ve reviewed a book for us. You truly help our authors when you give of yourself in that way.

If you want to be a DPP advanced reviewer, please email dianne@devilspartypress.com .