Have you read the poetry by Kenneth Pobo in Instant Noodles?

There’s an interesting story about Kenneth. He actually had my mother in his poetry writing class @ Widener University.

And then he submits to Instant Noodles.

The other cool thing about Kenneth is that the three poems he sent in for Instant Noodles all have the names of old movies as their titles.

And of the three my personal favorite is “The Birds.”

The poems are evocative all on their own, but when connected to the movie title they have even more resonance.

Did you know that our second issue of Instant Noodles is going to be out in a few short weeks?

And when it is, submissions will open for the final Instant Noodles for 2021: Hot Buttered Holidays. Are you ready to think of winter holidays in the height of summer? Are you ready to think of 2021 being rushed off its feet and out the door? Well, maybe in current times a fast year isn’t a bad thing.

But if you want to slow it down, to linger on a particular day, check out “Old Acquaintance,” “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane,” or “The Birds,” by wonderful poet Kenneth Pobo.

2 thoughts on “THE BIRDS

  1. There is so much to admire about Kenneth Pobo’s poetry! In “Old Acquaintance (1943)” I was struck by “shaking the tar out of boys” and “an ice ball aimed at their heads.” “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)” is a poem not to be missed. Lines that particularly resonated with me: “Knowing who you are is impossible.” and “I was wonderful for a few years.” I was so glad to learn from Pobo’s biography that he has chapbooks and full length poetry collections. Now the only problem is which one to order first.

  2. Thanks to Dianne for publishing these poems. And thanks to Virginia for the kind comments about them. Nothing better than encouragement. Virginia, many of my books are available through Amazon or through myself. Thanks for your interest..