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We’re Dianne and David, the owners and operators of publishing company, Devil’s Party Press. We’re on a mission to give equal opportunity to writers over the age of 40, and we think YOU should read books by writers over the age of 40. Why? Well, we don’t know about you, but we didn’t really get things going until we were over 40. BUT, traditional publishers prefer authors under 40, in fact, under 25 is what they really like. How long were you that? We weren’t that for long.
And so, to “even the score,” (because we’re nothing if not vengeful) we founded Devil’s Party Press, where we find and publish the best authors over 40.

And we’d done that for a few years until, in December of 2019 (remember all the way back to 2019?) we decided to put on the breaks, and meet with some advisors to try to retool and reimagine because we want to be the best publisher we can be. We went on… hiatus!

And what a year we picked to do it! (It’s true, we may also be psychic in addition to able to spot the best writing going. Ask us who is going to win the next USA presidential election….)

We weren’t going to come back until 2021. BUT, we couldn’t stay away. The world needs our writers and their great stories now!

So, we’re back, and we have all kinds of stuff for our fans, videos, surprise announcements, imprints. There’s a lot of exciting things coming your way.

Believe-you-me, if you ain’t over 40 yet, you will be. And won’t it be nice if someone wants to spotlight something you’ve created? With the year we’re having I feel like everyone’s aging faster than before. Stop the world! I wanna get off!

Well, we can help with that. Why not take your mind off of…. things… with a great book?

Thanks so much for being interested in us, and, especially, for being interested in helping us champion older writers.

AND, just because you were nice enough to stop by, we’ve got big discounts right now on all our books!